Never too early!

It’s never too early to get your kids into cars or racing. Especially with this swanky green number.

Trainee racer!

Trainee racer!

Or this rocket.

Moon rocket racer

Take me to the Moon…

Soapbox Crashes

It’s what they’re waiting for!

You can deny it, but most of the spectators in our sport are watching to scope out an amazing crash.

Red Bull, famous for organising extreme sports events to somehow distract everyone from realising their energy drinks are legalised drugs, understands this all to well.  It has even compiled a series of Top 10 crash videos.

Germany 2013

A comic if not brutal collection.  I was particularly impressed with the recovery on Number 4.  It looks as if our drivers were going to hop straight back onto the track.  Pity their chariot has been totally destroyed!

London 2015

Some of these ones look more serious.  The crash at about 0:55 looks positively life threatening and there is genuine speed involved, although the driving hero is clearly shown to be unharmed!

Closer to home

Closer to real life, these clips show some of the dangers of having speed on 4 wheels without paying much attention to that bothersome stuff about steering construction!

Going Dutch

Back to our Red Bull friends, their Netherlands compilation is the best of the bunch.  Check out the spectacular smash at about 0:20 seconds in!